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And that is why it is not always included as part of Protestantism.

This is because, in the English Reformation, the English Church kept the early Catholic ministry of bishops, priests, and deacons, and most of the doctrine and liturgy.

This is a Medieval Latin phrase dating to at least 1246. The noun Anglican is used to describe the people, institutions and churches as well as the liturgical traditions and theological concepts developed by the state established Church of England and the Anglican Communion, a theologically broad and often divergent affiliation of thirty-eight provinces that are in communion with the Archbishop of Canterbury. For example, there are a range of beliefs about Holy Communion.

Because frankly there aren't enough pixels in the world to deal with the rest of them, the saucy things.In the British Isles, and early British colonies, this was done to try to defeat both the followers of the Roman Catholic Church and all the kinds of Protestants too by including their best ideas, traditions, and practices in the Anglican Church.Now, the only place in the United Kingdom where Anglicanism is still the official religion is England, where the monarch, Queen Elizabeth II is the Supreme Governor on Earth of the Church of England.The English Parliament, through the Act of Supremacy, declared King Henry VIII to be the "Supreme Head of the Church of England" in order to fulfill the "English desire to be independent from continental Europe religiously and politically." This act stated that the king, not the pope was the head of the Church of England.With this act, Henry VIII was not only free to divorce his wife and remarry, he also made England free from the interference of the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church.

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It is fundamentally a Protestant church because the Bible is the source of authority, not the Pope.

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